Strategic Plan 2012-2016

In late 2010 the City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development identified Umoja as the recipient of a Technical Assistance Pilot Project. This provided assistance in creating a strategic plan to guide the next three to five years of Umoja’s growth, and to enhance the ability of potential partners and funders to participate in supporting the organization.

Download the full plan here:

 UMOJA_Strategic Plan_FINAL

Strategic Five-Year Goals 2012-2016

Three major Strategic Goals for Umoja are further defined by sub goals that detail each goal’s components.

Goal 1.

Develop and implement dynamic and engaging arts, culture, and entrepreneurial development programs relevant to youth and young adults ages 14 to 24.

Goal 1A.               Provide a year-round schedule of core programs in the arts and culture that incorporate technology and/or entrepreneurship.

Goal 1B.               Provide on-site counseling and referral services to link participating youth with vetted education, training and skills development, and to support access to necessary human services.

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Goal 1C.               Track and evaluate programs, participation and outcomes.


Goal 2.

Establish strong community engagement and a unique and prominent community position and organizational identity.       

 Goal 2A.               Develop clear and consistent organizational identity through effective “brand” management and creation of a robust communication and messaging platform.

Goal 2B.               Identify and build formal strategic partnerships that create three clear pathways of access for Umoja participants in: 1. Education and Skills Training; 2. Industry in the Seattle Region; and 3. City ofSeattle Programsand Resources.

Goal 2C                 Formalize ways for youth to become directly engaged and responsible for the operation and sustainability of Umoja, and to be recognized for such roles.

Goal 2D.               Present community events each year that showcase and celebrate achievements of Umoja participants to a broad audience.


Goal 3. 

Build organizational capacity and sustain a strong organizational infrastructure and culture.          

 Goal 3A.               Create and maintain a leadership and governance structure that reflects expertise, cultural authenticity and youth representation in governing and advisory roles.

Goal 3B.               Build a stable independent non-profit (501c3) organizational structure that can flexibly accommodate changes in scale.

Goal 3C.               Support a core staff that brings expertise, management capabilities and cultural authenticity to the work of Umoja, addressing leadership, programs, fundraising, internal systems and controls, and volunteer management.

Goal 3D.               Identify and secureUmojaFestP.E.A.C.E.Centerspace through 2016.

Goal 3E.                Build a diversified funding plan that will cultivate and sustain a strategic range of resources from individuals, foundations, the business community, government and earned income.

Goal 3F.                Actively use program and community engagement evaluation data, and operational and financial measures, to guide internal decision-making.