Creative Tech Careers Incubator

TechCareers_flyer_4The Umoja Creative Tech Careers Incubator seeks to increase pathways into high paying – high demand creative technology careers. The goal is participants to receive high quality instruction and be introduced the same fundamentals skills that top creative tech professionals are use everyday – and that many technical employers here in Seattle are seeking.

Seattle’s music, game, film and software industries contribute over $7 billion in direct revenue annually to the State, and support over 45,000 high wage jobs. Clustered under the umbrella of Content Technology Sector the sector includes content creators and distributors of film, music, and interactive media. Many of the positions in the field require advanced degrees but there are also many entry level jobs that require less than a four year degree.

Our programming differs from traditional “coding bootcamp” programs, by offering an intro to broader opportunities and career paths in the digital creative sector outside of programming.  The approach seeks to uniquely combine cultural performing arts, youth development, technology and workforce development to facilitate community building.

Opportunities include arts-technology-enterprise training workshops and events focused on highlighting career and entrepreneurial pathways in creative professions including web and mobile app development, digital marketing, music, fashion, film/video and digital media content.

The skill development programming is combined with exposure, mentoring and relationship building with industry professionals. The program also facilitates local residents that are creative and media professionals to share their expertise with interested and aspiring youth and young adults.